Sunday, 17 May 2009

I learnt a new word today!

I found the word 'animadversion' in a review of this book in yesterday's Guardian, and frankly I thought it was a typo, but reveals all:

  /ˌænəmædˈvɜrʒən, -ʃən/ [an-uh-mad-vur-zhuhn, -shuhn]


1. an unfavorable or censorious comment: to make animadversions on someone's conduct.
2. the act of criticizing.

1590–1600; < L animadversiōn- (s. of animadversiō) a heeding, censure, equiv. to animadvers(us) (ptp. of animadvertere to heed, censure; see animadvert ) + -iōn- -ion

Related forms:
an⋅i⋅mad⋅ver⋅sion⋅al, adjective

1. aspersion, reflection, derogation.

That's got to be useful.

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